Wandsworth Park

For the first season in 2004, the club played at Wandsworth Park. This council owned pitch was not a great standard with the players have to put the nets up previous to playing.

The Bank of England

The Bank of England became Putney Town’s home ground in 2005 and was a huge upgrade in terms of quality with fantastic lineage across the pitch, fantastic work by the groundsman. Located in Roehampton the superb private sports facility has a distinguished history. There were three full size pitches known as “Records Office”, “Lower Redgate” and “The Brook”. Apparently the famous England team of the 1966 FIFA World Cup prepared for the World Cup at the Bank of England sports centre. The biggest and most notable pitch is called the “Records Office”. This is opposite the old Records Office building where all archived paper banking records were kept going back since the formation of the Bank of England. These have now been moved to the underground vaults at the Bank of England in the city. Apparently Kevin Keegan referred to this pitch as ‘Wembley’. Indeed it does have the same dimensions of the old Wembley pitch.

The second pitch “Lower Redgate” was Putney Town’s usual home pitch and known as “The Den” due to its enclosed location. Many famous county cup victories were achieved on this pitch.

Barn Elms Sports Ground

After many years at the Bank of England and annual price increases, the cost of a pitch at £200+vat made it no longer viable as a home ground. In 2014 the team moved to a new ground at Barn Elms Sports Trust and the main pitch which comes complete with small spectator stand, running track and brand new changing rooms. The team also moved their midweek training facility from the Bank of England in 2016 to the Aspire Centre in Southfields.