Club Fines

Standard Club Fines

  • You can expect to be fined 25p for standard fines such as:
  • Late for Match (meet point)
  • Not having appropriate equipment
  • Antisocial post match pub non-appearance
  • Foul throws, on-pitch fails
  • Bad dress sense
  • Pulling mingers on a night out
  • Every player takes it in turns on Kit Wash. Avoiding kit wash will incur repeat fines.

Fines Committee

Post-match fines committee to be applied where appropriate, slightly tongue in cheek fines may be handed out for lateness, failing to pay subs, foul throws, etc…

Harsh fines and Forfeits will certainly be awarded for:

  • Late for match (<20 mins before kick off)
  • Dropping out of the team on the day of the game due to being hungover or failing to have kit with you.
  • Refraining to pay subs or other monies due.
  • Any misconduct which results in the club being fined by the league.
  • Serious disciplinary issues on the pitch may mean club suspension.
  • Racist, xenophobic, anti-LGBTQ+ and other disrespectful behaviour.
  • Bringing the club into potential disrepute.

On the humorous side, anyone can put forward players for fines if they feel the individual has let the team or themselves down. General fines may range from 25p to £1… but may be higher for disgraceful discipline. Fines can be disputed in the pub by appeal, but please note an unsuccessful appeal could mean your fine is increased or further implications, forfeits have even been known to have been dealt out before, using the random forfeit picker tool. The fines committee will decide in the pub regardless, its a fair system.

The money raised from fines goes into a kitty and is used behind the bar at the end of season party.