Olympics 2020

Inaugural summer sporting event for PTFC, a variety of athletics and football inspired events.

Shortlisted events for consideration:

  1. 100m
  2. 1000m
  3. 5000m
  4. Shot put (throw a football)
  5. Hammer (kick a football)
  6. Long jump
  7. Racewalking (furthest round the track whilst juggling the ball)
  8. Keepy Uppy (like weight lifting with stage limits)
  9. Gymnastics (keepy uppy skills contest)
  10. Biathlon (shutte runs with football target gates)
  11. Steeplechase
  12. Cycling
  13. Drinking
  14. Decathlon (average points weighting across all events)

of course we need a proper schedule that ensures top condition for key events i.e. 5k last, 100m first